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Another Reason to Buy... Now!

home_sold_signRecently the President signed new legislation, the Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009. This new law extends the home buyer tax credit and expands it to some current homeowners. This law is not only an important step to keep the momentum going towards ensuring a real estate recovery, but also offers another great reason for buyers to purchase and sellers to list a home before Spring 2010!

We believe the substantial rise in home sales over the past few months will continue, and proves the tax credit is working and is being used by buyers who were waiting for the right opportunity to purchase a home. Extending and expanding the home buyer tax credit now enables even more families to take advantage of current low interest rates, large housing inventories, and affordable prices to invest in their future through homeownership.

Generally, this law extends the present $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers through April 30, 2010. Also, current homeowners are eligible for a $6,500 tax credit through April 30, provided they have lived in the home they are selling, or have sold, as principal residence for five consecutive years in the past eight years. If potential home buyers have a binding contract on or before April 30, 2010, they will have until July 1, 2010 to close the transaction.

Each home buyer's tax credit is determined by two additional factors: price of the home (cannot exceed $800,000); and the buyer's income. Income limits for eligible home buyers are expanded to $125,000 for single buyers and $225,000 for couples. The credit decreases for buyers who earn between $125,000 and $145,000 for single buyers and between $225,000 and $245,000 for home buyers filing jointly. The amount of the tax credit decreases as his/her income approaches the maximum limit. Home buyers earning more than the maximum qualifying income-over $145,000 for singles and over $245,000 for couples are not eligible for the credit. The buyer does not need to repay the tax credit, if he/she occupies the home for three years or more. However, if the property is sold during this three-year period, the full amount credit will be recouped on the sale.

Free Saturday Seminars Educate Public on Energy and Healthy Homes

CAMDEN - Lessard Builders Inc. (LBI) hosted the second of two free Saturday Seminars on Saturday, Nov. 14, at Harvest Years Senior Center in Camden . The first was in Sussex County a week earlier. They were designed to educate the public on the characteristics of a healthy home.

"What makes a home healthy: What homebuyers should know before they buy," included presentations from industry experts on building, insulation, heating and cooling, Energy Star certification, and information on the lending industry.

'Home construction techniques are constantly improving. Our focus was to educate consumers on the greatest investment most people make," said Brian Lessard, president of Camden-based LBI.

The seminar covered what to look for in newer construction as well as what can be done to winterize and retrofit existing homes to create a healthier environment. More seminars are planned.

Senate Approves Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension & Expansion

capitol_buildingThe Senate yesterday passed legislation to extend the $8,000 home buyer tax credit to May 1, 2010, for first-time buyers and add a $6,500 tax credit for repeat buyers if they've lived in their home for five of the past eight years. Home prices are capped at $800,000.

The legislation was included in a bill to extend unemployment benefits and is expected to be passed by the House today or tomorrow. President Obama is expected to sign the legislation when it's sent to his desk.

Under the bill, income limits are expanded to $125,000 for individuals and $225,000 for joint filers. Individuals with incomes up to $145,000 and joint filers with incomes up to $245,000 qualify for reduced credits.

Households who have binding contracts in place by April 30, 2010 will be allowed an additional 60 days to complete their transaction. The deadline for members of the military serving out the U.S. for at least 90 days between Jan. 1, 2009, and May 1, 2010, has been extended one year.

Taxpayers can claim the credit on their federal income tax returns. If the credit exceeds their tax bill, the government will issue a check. Taxpayers will be able to claim the credit on their 2009 income tax return for purchases made in 2010.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Summer Living, All Year Long

Rehoboth Beach, DelawareRehoboth Beach, Delaware featured as one of the best places to retire by AARP - The Magazine (July 2006)

Two years before they planned to retire, Sonja and Hoyte Decker settled on the Delaware coast as their retirement destination. Living in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near where Hoyte worked for the U.S. Department of Transportation, the two had been spending weekends and vacations on the sandy beaches of the Maryland and Delaware shores for years. But they liked friendly little Rehoboth Beach best of all. Just three hours from friends and their daughter in Washington, D.C., it was also reasonably close to Hoyte's two children from a previous marriage.

But finding their retirement house was challenging: Rehoboth Beach itself is only about one square mile, with fewer than 1,500 full-time residents. Housing costs - as in many beach communities - were sky-high. "Houses were just too expensive, even in the late 1990s," says Hoyte, 65, "or else they were just small cottages, or they weren't winterized. We decided against buying an existing home. We had retired without a mortgage - that had always been our goal. And we wanted to keep it that way," he says.

Instead, when Hoyte retired in August 1998, the couple decided to build their own retirement home. They didn't waste any time, either. By September they had purchased a lot. By December they had contracted with a builder. And by Memorial Day 1999 they moved in. It's been one long beach season ever since.

The Deckers aren't the only retirees flocking to the area. With a median age of 57, and 38 percent of the population over 65, Rehoboth and the surrounding communities are a retiree's haven. That trend shows no sign of slowing: Delaware expects its 65-plus population to increase 75 percent in the next 25 years. What makes Rehoboth Beach magical, of course, is the beach. "Walking along in the early morning, it's like having the ocean to yourself," says Sonja, 61. "There are dolphins all summer long, different kinds of birds - it's beautiful. And it means that in the summer we have constant houseguests, which is great."

Why the locals love it Rehoboth Beach is a bargain Housing in Rehoboth Beach proper is, admittedly, expensive, but the nearby communities of Long Neck and Milton are quite reasonable (and they're still only a few miles from the beach). All Delaware residents can take advantage of the state's super-low property taxes; plus, Delaware has no sales tax on goods, food, or entertainment. Social Security and railroad-retirement benefits are exempt from income tax, and taxpayers 60 and older can exclude up to $12,500 of investment and qualified pension income. Out-of-state government pensions also qualify for the pension and retirement exemptions.

Lifestyle perks The Deckers love that they can walk everywhere - whether it's on the beach, along Rehoboth's mile-longboardwalk (circa 1873), or to the area's little boutiques and more than 70 restaurants.

Great escapes Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia are within a three-hour drive.

Residents love The small-town atmosphere and the constant events - from Christmas parades to the Annual Chocolate Festival. "Where else would I be able to know the mayor, the chief of police, and be able to be on the beach so much?" says Hoyte. "In Washington there were a lot of things to do, and I did a few. In Rehoboth there are not so many things to do - and we do them all."

Average temperature in summer: 68° F
Average temperature in winter: 41° F
Number of sunny days per year: 96

Casual supper for two at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats: $30 Hot tickets: The Rehoboth Film Festival in November screens about 100 of the year's best independent films, with a special $6 rate for seniors.

Development of the Week, Dickinson Creek Offers Wide Range

Dickinson Creek homeDelaware State News FREDERICA - Dickinson Creek is a pleasant village-style community surround ed by the natural characteristics of Delaware, bordered by trees and an adjacent stream.

In addition to the old growth trees, the development will not only be heavily landscaped but each home will include a landscape package and a fully sodded yard. The development has 67 lots to choose from and includes a 3.5-acre recreational green area with a tot lot.

Dickinson Creek offers a wide range of houses including ranches, Cape Cods, and two-story homes with endless upgrades available.

For more information on this listing contact Brian Lessard Jr. at 270-4736 or Ceil Jones at 531-5324.

Dickinson Creek home

There are complete landscaping packages for every home at Dickinson Creek. Dickinson Creek offers a wide range of houses including ranches, Cape Cods and two-story homes.

Dickinson Creek kitchen interior

Dickinson Creek homes come complete with GE standard appliances.

Dickinson Creek

  • Semi-custom homes
  • Homes built to Energy Star regulations
  • Complete landscaping pack age for every home
  • Complete sod lot
  • Standard 4-foot tall poured concert conditioned crawl space with access from inside the home for storage
  • Low E glass in windows for extra energy savings
  • Standard GE appliances
  • 2x6 construction
  • Public sewer and water;
  • Call Brian Lessard at 270 4736