The Lessard Custom Design Process

Construction Process

Lessard Builders provides you the canvas to create your next home and you are the artist.

We can accommodate any level of involvement you are looking to have. Looking to create a completely custom floorplan to meet the exact needs of your life? Together with you we can do just that! We utilize the best in 21st century engineered building technology so there is truly nothing to limit your imagination. Or, perhaps you’re not looking to design your own floorplan. If you want simple, you can choose from one of our brand-new 2017 floor plans, all of which are fully customizable! With a Lessard home you’ll never have to deal with the frustration of a room that turns out to be wasted space or an unmovable interior wall that ruins the flow of your new home.

During the actual construction process, we have learned that direct and ongoing communication throughout is key, and we take a number of steps to ensure your home build progresses smoothly. To ensure your total satisfaction, our construction and management team schedules a number of face to face meetings which occur throughout the construction process. We call these important meetings a walk-through, and they take place at the site of your new home.

Walk-through meetings are held at the completion of each of the different stages of your homes’ construction and provide you the chance examine your home with us during each of the different stages of its’ growth. We cherish these walk-through meetings because they provide you the opportunity to ensure that your vision is coming to life as you wish, to ask questions directly to our management team, and to quickly discuss any changes you feel necessary.

On the day of your home closing, we hold one final walk-through meeting with your family and our entire management team! 

Selections Process

At Lessard Builders we don’t saddle you with limited options and surprise upcharges, instead we believe in providing every homeowner a plethora of standard materials and options to suit all tastes.

Every detail in every room can be hand selected to meet your exact specifications all while our experienced, passionate, friendly team is there dedicated to help you along the way as your dream home becomes a reality.

Our Lessard Home Selections Process