The Lessard Custom Home Design Process

House Construction Process

At Lessard Builders, we believe in providing you the canvas to design, customize and create your dream home. We love to work hand in hand with our clients so, together, we can design and shape your home around your lifestyle. Looking to create a completely custom floor plan to meet the exact needs of your family and your life? No problem; together, we can do just that! If you don’t want to create a floor plan from scratch, no problem! You can choose from any one of our twelve 2017 East Coast Series floor plans, all of which can be tweaked or fully customized! Most importantly, we use only the highest quality materials and 21st-century building technology in all of our homes. We have a variety of equipment such as Portable Construction Heaters that makes us standout from the rest. 

During the actual construction process, we emphasize openness and direct ongoing communication. Our construction and management team will walk you through your home a number of times throughout your build to ensure everything is exactly how you want it. Walk-through meetings with Brian Lessard and our team are held at each stage of your homes’ construction. We cherish these walk-through meetings. Why? They provide you the opportunity to ensure that your home and vision is coming to life as you wish, to directly ask us about questions you have, and to quickly discuss any changes you feel necessary.

For example, maybe you like to work in the evening from your bed, but you find your cell phone battery gets low so quickly. During the design and electrical walk-through with a commercial electrical contractor, we will be sure to place electrical outlets exactly where you want them.  You can use this link to see our partners’ works in electrical wiring. Do you like to adjust your thermostat right before you go to bed? We can design your heating and cooling system so your thermostat is easily in reach at night. Also, we Reface Kitchens & Bathrooms the way you like it. Unlike a lot of big builders, we don’t limit your imagination, we don’t box you in, we don’t say no and we don’t disappear once you sign your general contracting project. We are here to work closely with you. 

Selections Process

Our Lessard Home Selections Process

At Lessard Builders we don’t saddle you with limited options or surprise upcharges. Instead we believe in providing every homeowner a plethora of options upfront. When you meet with our team in our new Selection Center, you will find both dozens of standard and upgraded materials to suit all tastes and budgets. Have you always wanted a kitchen that makes you feel like you’re on Food Network? When you sit down with our kitchen expert and selections team we will design you the exact layout you are looking for. You can design every detail in every room to meet your exact specifications; all while our experienced, passionate, friendly team is there to help you make decisions and guide you along the way.