2018 Delaware Homes and Real Estate FAQs

As the warmer months roll in, so do those who visit Delaware and begin to consider having a home in the First State. If Delaware real estate is on your mind there is no better time than now.

The past few years have been a boon for Sussex County real estate. Just like other reputed builders in the region are providing land for sale, Sussex County also is making progress in procuring large areas and converting them into residential areas. Private parcels of land are rapidly being sold and transformed into new developments both at the beach and in inland Sussex County. If you are looking to live in a developed community packed with modern amenities the options are endless and the time is now. We are currently one of the featured builders in the breathtaking community of Showfield in Lewes and lots are selling fast.

Yet perhaps you aren’t looking for a clubhouse and cozy neighbors… perhaps your idea of moving to Delaware is to enjoy a little more space and a little more nature. You should definitely check it out here at Innisfil Real Estate.

When we speak with potential Delaware homeowners for the first time we are often are asked a few of the same questions, and we’d like to answer some of them and help you get a step closer to your dream home today. We hope the following information helps answer your questions and assists you in your Delaware home search.

The 2018 FAQ’s

Is it a necessity that we already own our lot? No! Our builder Brian and our team are always open to assisting any real estate agency and potential clients with identifying the perfect piece of property to build your home on. We’ve often gone out on site with clients to look at a lot to ensure it is large enough and properly situated. We’ve gone out on site and marked trees to ensure that beautiful old Pine tree isn’t knocked down. If you don’t already own a lot, we are happy to help you search Delaware find the perfect real estate.

Where in Delaware will your company build? We can build NEARLY ANYWHERE within the state of Delaware, and we’re always open to look at and consider lots in Maryland on the Delmarva Peninsula. That includes waterfront property, wooded property, and any lot without an established builder tie in. We’re happy to build your home wherever you’ll be happy!

We’ve heard building a custom home is very time-consuming and expensive… Not when you build a Lessard home! With a Lessard home, you can change the configuration of the walls and the interior layout at no additional cost to you, and should take full advantage of itFor those looking for the truly custom home, our team can design a custom floor plan and design it to be exactly what your needs at your price point. All our customers also have the option of completely altering the interior layout one of our preexisting floor plans. Every Lessard Builders home is conceptualized and personalized to suit the needs of that unique homeowner.

Doesn’t Lessard just build smaller homes? We’ve been building homes for 4 generations; we design and build homes of all sizes and all styles. Our current model, The Saltaire located within Showfield in Lewes, is a divine 6,000+ sq. feet. We just finished up a beautiful 4,000+ sq. foot home and a 2,000+ sq. foot home all in the same month. Whether you want a spacious three floor Nantucket inspired homes, a cozy Italian-Spanish Colonial style ranch home, a modern Farmhouse or something completely different– we’re comfortable building your home as extravagantly or as simply as you’d like.

– What style of homes do you build? We can design and build any interior/exterior style home you’d like. Our builder and owner Brian is a whiz when it comes to listening to a customers’ ideas and creating them a concept based on their visions and dreams. Our architects will then create your plan, we’ll tweak it if necessary and then we’ll get to work with you on selecting your options while we build your perfect home.

Want to Know More About Our Home Designs and Building Lessard

We’d love to chat with you about your needs and vision for your next home. Contact us to set up an appointment or visit us at our model home in Showfield in Lewes.

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