Delaware Swings Into Spring

When the growth of the region began a few decades ago, many real estate developers were looking for attractions to draw the attention of those who were considering living at the Delaware beaches. What unfolded was a race to purchase land and develop recreational activities with appeal to people who desired an escape from the congestion of the Northeast. Since then, Sussex County has been steadily gaining notoriety as one of the hottest places to move to. And as the days grow warmer, one of the region’s hidden jewels begins to awaken with the flowers. What am I referring to? The exceptional and diverse golfing opportunities and golf courses that adorn the Sussex County landscape.

Whether you live in Lewes or Bethany Beach, Milford or Georgetown, it is very likely that you live within minutes of one of these sparkling green gems. We’re going to give you an overview of six of our favorite Sussex County courses, broken down into two categories: Beginner courses and Advanced courses. Also, a word of advice, many smaller golf courses in Delaware accept only cash so be sure to bring some. Have fun and enjoy yourself this Spring and Summer! FORE!

Beginner courses:

Midway Par 3 Golf Course, Lewes, DE
Located directly off Rt. 1 in Lewes, this par-3 course provides both new and experienced golfers a fun, simple, and affordable way to get into the game of golf. What makes this course great for beginners is that they rent both golf clubs and golf balls, most of the holes are wide open, short, and relatively free of obstacles. The course also has zero sand traps that can be so pesky for beginning golfers. A great place to learn how to swing a golf club, practice your “short game” or teach little ones how to play.

American Classic Golf Club, Lewes, DE
Another par-3 course in Lewes, this course is another great place for a beginning golfer to play the game of golf. American Classic provides a bit more challenge than does the Midway Par 3 course as holes are a bit longer and the course does include sporadic sand traps. A nice step up for all golfers, but especially a new golfer who is ready for a moderate challenge.

Stenger’s Shamrock Farms Par 3, Milton, DE
This course in Milton is another great place to learn, work on using your irons and on your “short game” and overall have a great time. Stenger’s is a well maintained short course with wide open fairways and very nice greens. Beginners and experienced golfers alike will have a blast on this lush green playground.

Advanced courses:

The Rookery North Golf Course, Milford, DE
One of Sussex County Delaware’s first golf courses, The Rookery North in Milford is a great spot for any golfer looking to test out all their clubs. This full-length 18-hole course is a great step up for a moderate golfer; the course is open and free of water hazards and includes a small range for practicing with your irons on before a round. One of the better full-length courses in the area for a golfer still learning the game or refining their swing. We also recommend their slightly more difficult sister course, The Rookery South Golf Course.

Baywood Greens Golf Course, Long Neck, DE
Baywood, located on Rt. 24 in Long Neck, is one of eastern Delaware’s nicest, best maintained, and most challenging courses. An excellent place for an experienced golfer, Baywood includes plenty of trees lining the fairways, a plethora of water hazards and challenging greens. The course is truly a delight to play for any golfer who wants to test their swing and step up their game. Be sure to bring your A-game.

The Salt Pond Golf Club, Bethany Beach, DE
The Salt Pond is a beautiful mid-length public golf club located off Rt.1 and Fred Hudson Rd. in Bethany Beach. A perfect mix of hills, water hazards, sand traps and open areas, The Salt Pond is a place where advanced golfers can go for an easier round and newer golfers can go to hone their swing. With a full array of services available this course has everything you could desire. It also has one other nice aspect, a round of golf is exceptionally reasonable no matter what time of day or year.

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