Build Local: Sam Yoder and Sons

Third generation builder Brian Lessard believes in supporting and being loyal to Delaware contractors that put quality first. Lessard Builders has been building new homes with the Sam Yoder and Sons construction team for over thirty years. Here are seven reasons why every Lessard home is built with Sam Yoder and Son truss systems.

Sam Yoder and Sons Construction

  1. Reliable Reputation. There is a reason why every real estate expert in Delaware has heard of Sam Yoder and Sons – they are known for their dedication to quality service since they were established in 1975. Like builder Brian Lessard, their experienced team personally visits the construction site while the trusses are set by the framers. They have been in association with reputed construction teams like diy roofs from in and around the place for decades.
  2. Family owned and operated business. Led by the Yoder family, Sam Yoder and Sons can deliver high quality, knowledgeable service because many of the team members have been there for over twenty five years !
  3. Sealed Stamp of Approval. Engineered wood trusses minimize the “extra” cutting and framing on the job site,eliminate the need for interior load bearing walls by “clear-spanning” large distances and provide design flexibility for custom homes. Each truss is designed with laser precision to meet exact specifications and reinforce stability.
  4. Community Oriented. Sam Yoder and Sons gives back to the community through sponsorship opportunities and supporting local charities. In June 2015 they were instrumental in the Home Builder Blitz Build project with Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity – with Sam Yoder and Sons built walls and truss systems we were able to frame a whole house in one day! 
  5. “We’re not always the cheapest, but we’re the best”. Sam Yoder and Sons strives to bring you reasonable prices using high quality construction materials. For instance, they have been using top quality MSR Spruce from western Canada since 1998. MSR Spruce is more durable than the standard knotty pine that most home builders use. When Sam Yoder & Sons uses pine for their truss system it is the DSS pine which is from the heart of the tree, a stronger part of the tree without the knots.
  6. Attention to detail. Sam Yoder and Son is the preferred supplier to many of the real estate industry’s leading new home builders and construction companies due to a combination of personal service, attention to detail and the employment of advanced  technology partnering with companies such as retractable roof systems Melbourne.
  7. The Designer’s Choice. The Sam Yoder and Son trussed roof system allows for better custom home design, offering the opportunity to create unique, eye-catching and highly individual roofs without breaking the budget.  Structures can be personalized per specialized roofing finish and a wide range of roof shapes. Leave your home safe and beautiful with Apal Roofing Company.

Interested in learning more about quality construction and engineered truss system? Set up a time to meet with third generation builder, Brian Lessard – he’d be happy to answer your questions.

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