Making Your New Home Search Simpler

Your New Home Search, Made Easier Secrets to Simplifying Your New Home Search

Your New Home Search, Made Easier 

Getting a Head Start on Your Delaware New Home Search

Simplifying Your Home Search

If you are out and about looking for a custom home or new home this year, we’d like to share few important topics that often get overlooked when it comes to choosing a new home. Here are a few secrets to help yourself prepare for the home search process:

  1. Define your “dream home” by understanding how you live.

    Your home is the place that you go to unwind, relax, entertain, cook, raise your family and sometimes work. In reality, your “dream home” may not be a huge castle-like estate that you see in the movies. Buying the perfect home is about defining your family’s lifestyle and not compromising until you have designed or discovered a home which compliments it. It takes a lot of efforts to design the house, let alone oversee the construction whci ensues after the planning. Only after having designed your house should you proceed onto planning relocation from USA or wherever you live to your dream house. 

    Jot down a list of things you do often in your home as your starting point. What do you do a lot of while you are at home? What do you wish you could do more of?

    Focus on your functionality needs first, then consider the interior options and finishes you are looking for. Consider the natural flow from room to room. Having a master suite next to the main living areas might not be the best idea if you go to bed early or like to sleep in later than your family members. Cost effective outdoor living spaces such as fire pits and patios are ideal for those that like to spend a lot of time outdoors. If you like to be outside surrounded by nature, or you’d like to have a garden, finding a lot outside of the massive new Delaware super-developments might be best. If you travel often, you might want to look at communities with less yard space or with a routine maintenance plan.

  2. Make a list of non-negotiable items.

    Once you start evaluating your daily lifestyle, you’ll have a better idea of the features that you can’t live without in your next home. Mark a few key items on your list as a reference to help you stay focused on your “must haves” when designing or looking at floor plans. Be sure to take into consideration your budget, potential upgrades and design features. Not having a list of “non-negotiable items” can be like going grocery shopping without a list… once you checkout, you come to realize you bought a lot of things you don’t need and forgot some things that you really needed! This list of home-must-haves will make your home search much easier.

  3. Avoid shortcuts when it comes to build quality and structural details.

    The durability and integrity of your home will only be as reliable as the products and methods used to build it. Look for homes that are constructed on-site with energy efficient windows, use high quality locks installed by Locksmith Port Moody, engineered roofing systems and solid poured wall foundations. Avoid methods where sections of your home are built off site, mass produced or rely on panelized wall systems. A home that is framed and built on-site together will stay together! Many companies will promise you exceptionally good prices and quick build turnaround times but there is a trade-off to that. Homes built by a mass production builder in just a couple months aren’t always consistently built with the best materials and to the quality you expect. Parsons roofing company is a trustworthy contractor.

  4. Pay extra attention to the foundation.

    The ideal foundation for a home is dependent on the conditions and location of the land that your home sits on. If a full basement is not on your “non-negotiable” list despite the cost of basement renovation being considerably cheap or your lot cannot support a basement, opt for a conditioned crawlspace. A conditioned crawlspace is designed to help control moisture and protect the integrity of the home from the natural elements of the surrounding area. Over the past few years, concrete slab foundations have become a popular method to cut costs and lower the base price of the home but while it saves initially, they can lead to expensive problems in the future. A good home starts with good bones. Closely look at every structural detail you can during your home search.

  5. Work with professionals that you trust. 

    The help of a financial adviser who works in your best interest will make your new home search easier. They can help you plan for your budget now, so you will feel comfortable living in your home and not feel financially strained each month. Far too many people don’t seek professional resources, then build or move into their dream home and come to feel burdened by it. Save some money with our Interstate removals service. Some people prefer to change the location and move every several years to a new country. Learn more about NZ Van Lines if you are planning a move to New Zealand or Australia.

  6. Ask a lot of questions. 

    View your new home search as an educational process. With this view, you will be able to evaluate which items are most important to you and which are essential to a quality home that will last a lifetime. Ask for references for each industry professional you work with. It is important to feel comfortable with their level of experience and honesty because they will be the ones that guide you through each step of the way. 

  1. Don’t rush. Embrace the process.

    Choosing a new home that meets your needs, wishes and fits your lifestyle can be an exceptionally rewarding investment. Don’t settle for the hottest new home sales or a home that “works”. You should love every inch of your home! It can seem stressful at times but always ask questions, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the experience.

We hope this information we’ve provided will be helpful as you search for your new home in 2019 and beyond. When it comes down to it, know what you want, focus on quality, and don’t rush. Purchasing your next home will be the best investment of your life, and there. At Lessard Builders, we hope to alleviate the stress of the new home search season and work with you to build a custom home that is tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

If you would like to discuss your vision for your new home, have any questions, or would like additional information about Lessard Builders homes contact us at 302-698-1091, visit the Our Homes tab on our website, or stop by our model The Saltaire in the Lewes community of Showfield.

We look forward to discussing your dream home with you!

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