Honoring America’s Golden: Grandparents

Celebrating Grandparent’s Day 2018

Did you know that, since 1978, the Second Sunday in September has been hailed as National Grandparent’s Day? If you already knew of National Grandparent’s Day, we’re impressed! We, like many of you out there, hadn’t heard a peep about this holiday to celebrate Grandparents until very recently. Yet while just learned about Grandparent’s Day, we quickly realized this little-known holiday celebrates some of the most deserving and important people- the older members of our family who came before us. Join all of us in honoring and remembering the elders in our lives and our communities who helped mold and show us the way. This Sunday, September 9th, is Grandparent’s Day 2018. 

The Origin of a National Grandparents Day

Forty years ago, President Jimmy Carter decided Grandparents and elders also deserved a National day of recognition. At the proclamation ceremony in which National Grandparent’s Day was created, Carter declared, “The Elders in each family have the responsibility for setting the moral tone for the family and passing on the values of our Nation to their children and grandchildren. They bore the hardships and made the sacrifices that produced much of the progress and comforts we enjoy today.” What is striking about President Carter’s words is that while they rang clear in 1978, forty years later they still resonate. Grandparents are often key figures in helping us and our children to imagine and dream, create a connection to family culture and develop a sense of our past and family history.

Grandparent’s Day and Our Lives 

Take this moment to think back to the most influential people in your life… who are they?

Some of you may immediately have thought parents or grandparents, siblings, aunts or uncles, friends etc. but regardless of who popped into your head- they were likely influenced at some point by an elder who took the time to help mold, mentor and set the tone for them. President Carter created this day to recognize the critical role of elders and Grandparents in the successful foundation and growth of American society in a way similar to Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Grandparent’s Day is especially important to us at Lessard Builders. It was Dan Lessard, our founder and Grandfather/Great-Grandfather, who laid the foundation for Lessard Builders. Dan then taught his son Addie the carpentry, management and construction skills needed to be an exceptional builder and someday pass along the family trade. It was that carpenter-builder foundation which was passed from Dan to his son Addie which in time filtered down to Dan’s Grandsons- including Brian Lessard, our owner today. Without the foundation laid by past generations Lessard Builders and many businesses would not exist today. 

Dan Lessard hard at work on the construction site.
Dan Lessard and family working together on an early construction job site.
Addie hard at work to ensure this 2 x 6 is a perfect fit. As the old adage goes, "Measure twice, cut once."
The second generation of Lessard’s building; Addie, working on site.
A young Brian Lessard hard at work and eager to learn on the job site.
Two generations of Lessard ‘builders’ discussing the job and family trade.


Please take a moment this Sunday, September 9th to honor and remember the elders in your family and your life who lit the torch to show you the way. As Socrates once said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” If not for many a Grandparent’s stories, love and encouragement, most of us and our Nation would be very different today.

Grandparent’s Day Information & Resources

For more information about Grandparent’s Day visit https://grandparentsday.org/ , Proclamation 4580- The National Grandparents Day Proclamation or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Grandparents_Day .