2018 Hottest Building and Home Products

Each year when we meet with clients, one of the most common questions we’re asked is about the hottest and most popular building products we’re using. Everyone is looking for building supplies, and they of course want the very best. Who can blame them. These things need to be built to last, so only the best building materials will do. They’re a considerable investment after all. Before 2019 gets any closer we wanted to take a moment today to give you all the scoop! After dozens of meetings and hours with clients designing and customizing their floor plans, here are a few of these favorites… our hottest building and home products of 2018!

Hottest Building and Home Products of 2018

  • ICON Composite Siding by CertainTeed- “Imagine the beauty of wood panel siding the replicates cedar planks, with durability that goes beyond that of natural wood and fiber cement. Now add performance that withstands the elements, harsh conditions and the test of time.” We think this description from CertainTeed’s ICON Siding web page is spot on. CertainTeed’s new ICON Siding delivers on the hype in spades. The first thing we love about ICON Siding is its visual appearance. ICON’s wide face and extra-long panels have an exceptionally clean and continuous feel. ICON Siding panels’ have a 7-inch wide face and are 16-foot-long, and it’s this extra width and length that replicates the clean look and style of traditional wood siding.

    The other quality we admire about ICON siding is its’ phenomenal “Stacklock” installation system. ICON Siding pieces lock into each during installation using their proprietary locking system which makes ICON exceptionally durable against wind and weather and allows for installers to fasten it to your home with hidden nails! Yes, that means no more unsightly nails visible in the middle of your siding! We love ICON Siding as one of 2018’s “hottest” and best building products such as the composite door Bristol collection you can order online!

    ICON Composite Siding
    The shades and blinds offered at Affordable Blinds were awesome.


  • Azek Products- The folks at Azek have spent years creating building materials that outperform the competition. We choose Azek for our new homes because of its style and exceptional durability. No matter the specific type of Azek building product you require- decking, trim, porch etc.- Azek is the best of the best.  Fiberon decking is one of the newer companies in the composite decking work. High-performance and eco-friendly, Fiberon composite decking delivers gorgeous looks and incredible durability. Azek’s products come in a wide variety of both colors and authentic wood-like looks. Best of all, Azek is engineered to avoid the alleviate the maintenance headaches of wood or wood products. Azek’s engineering team continues to evolve and enhance their building products and at Lessard Builders we continue to be amazed! We recommend Azek building products as some of the very best on the market! Azek is one of our most popular of our 2018 “hottest” home building products.


  • Schluter DITRA Waterproof Tile Membrane/Uncoupling System- We’re builders, it’s only natural that one of our 2018 “hottest” products is a building product that gets hidden beneath the floors of our Lessard homes. If you invest in staging when selling a house, you will be surprised at how much it increases the value of your sale. If there is a  damaged fence you can schedule chain link fence repair services. With the help from these products, your staging project will be impressive. Meet the Schluter DITRA Waterproof system; something that all our customers love, even though few know or ask about it.
  • We utilize Schluter’s DITRA systems to ensure our customers have the best protected and well-built home for years to come and Fixing tile lippage issues. What we find so exceptional about these DITRA systems is their durability, flexibility, and their unmatched DITRA systems are specifically designed, “to provide waterproof and uncoupling protection for ceramic and stone tile to prevent cracked tile and grout,” and provide “a waterproofing layer that protects moisture-sensitive substrates, such as plywood/OSB. Free-space on the underside of the matting (also) provides a route for excess moisture and vapor to prevent damage to the tile layer above.” The bottom line is, when we build homes we aim to build homes that will stand for generations. DITRA systems assist us in building the highest quality, most water tight homes. For these reasons we feel excellent naming Schluter’s DITRA System the last of our hottest home and building products of 2018!
Lessard shower floor, Schluter DITRA system
One of our 2018 custom Lessard showers!


  • MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems- When you think of living at the beach, you think of spending warm summer days and nights outside. For everyone who, like us, is tired of spraying themselves head to toe with bug spray all summer long, we’ve discovered the perfect solution: MistAway’s Mosquito Control Systems. MistAway’s Mosquito Misting Systems are weather tough, easy to use, innovative and designed to require minimal maintenance attention from you! We love the system’s automatic leak detection, the optional wind control sensors, and the smart concentration system. Best of all, one of these systems covers hundreds of feet of mosquito protected perimeter. Goodbye citronella candle, goodbye sticky bug spray, goodbye bite filled evenings outdoors. We’re excited to call MistAway’s Mosquito Misting System one of our favorite 2018 home products!


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