Exciting News at Lessard as Calendar Ticks Toward 2017

The past few weeks have brought with them a slew of exciting news and surprises for our local Delaware Custom Home business, Lessard Builders.

First, we would like to congratulate all of our newest homeowners and your families on your new Lessard custom homes! Why do we take a moment to do this- you may be thinking? Well, as a small, family owned company we pride ourselves on working super closely with every homeowner and potential homeowner we meet. Our team spent much of the summer and early fall working diligently to design, select, and then build a handful of chic new custom homes with the goal of getting every one of these families comfortably settled into their homes by the holidays. Alas, Mission Accomplished! Congratulations again to each of you and may the holidays and your new homes bring you and your families a renewed sense of comfort, happiness, and tranquility!

Second and just as exciting, we’ve broken ground and are making huge strides on our newest model home in the Showfield community! As of right now things are looking great for an early Spring 2017 as the date for the ribbon cutting of our newest Lessard model home! If you live in Southern Delaware, we highly recommend you take a ride down Gills Neck Road in the coming months. In our last exciting piece of internal project news, our new office building, which is being built on the corner of E. Camden Wyoming Ave and Main St in Camden-Wyoming, is also progressing along beautifully. Early 2017 is looking good!

And last but certainly not least, those of us at Lessard Builders are excited, humbled and grateful to make an announcement: Lessard Builders was awarded the 2017 Corporate Livewire Innovation and Excellence in Construction Award.


Where does an award like this come from, you may be wondering?

Well, our staff at Lessard Builders was contacted a few months back and informed that Lessard Builders had been nominated for a Corporate LiveWire award a few months back. We were not given any more information other than that, and we were provided a nomination submission packet which we had to fill out and submit. The company informed us that the winner was chosen by a blind judging panel which could only use the submitted information in the decision making process. And then we waited. And waited. And waited…

And then one morning about two weeks ago seemingly out of the blue came the good news; a congratulatory phone call, Lessard Builders was selected as the recipient of the 2017 Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award!

As a small company we are humbled to be nominated for and chosen for such an award. Our company and team strives to create something unique and special for every family and person we can in Southern Delaware, and to be acknowledged for that is truly the greatest gift we could ever receive as 2016 turns toward 2017. To all of you, we thank you for this incredible honor and commit to bringing more innovation, more excellence, more positivity to Southern Delaware in the days, weeks, and months to come. 

From our team at Lessard to each of you, have a blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving!  

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