Gals That Give Delaware Charity Goes Pink

Last month’s event for Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition was unforgettable. We stood together with a room full of breast cancer survivors, their families and heard firsthand experiences from four amazing women from the Delaware community. Our largest attended event yet, we packed the Outlook at the Duncan Center with over 230 ladies dressed in pink for the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. Collectively, the Gals That Give community successfully raised $5,800 in just a few hours.

Gals That Give Delaware Charity

One year ago I’m not sure that any of us thought that we’d raise over forty thousand dollars for the Delaware community in 11 events. What an amazing first year it has been and we can’t be more thankful for the women that join us every month, tell their friends, share our posts (and also through paid promotion through on social media and donating auction items. With the help of these wonderful women and local businesses, the Gals That Give community, as a whole is making a difference in Delaware. We hope you’ll join us to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, a co-ed event we’re calling “Gals (& Guys) That Give” on November 20th for the Dover Fraternal Order of The Police.

For the October event for Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, we tried a few new activities that we can’t wait to implement again in the future! Here are a few pictures from the event!

Delaware Community Gals That Give Breast Cancer Coalition


#GoPink Wear Your Best Pink Outfit For Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition
We told the ladies that we would be secretly judging them & that the best pink outfit would win a prize. The winner won a tasty dessert arrangement donated from Dawne Nickerson-Banez of Frankfurt Bakery.

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition Gals That Give Charity Event

#Gals4Charity Picture Contest
We challenged the ladies to post their best pictures on facebook, twitter & instagram with the #gals4charity hashtag. It was a blast! The winner of won our custom Gals That Give Delaware Charity t-shirt and a bottle of champagne for their table.

#Gals4Charity Delaware Gals That Give Community


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fighthope gtg dbcc


Mission: Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition
The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization offering statewide programs and services of education, outreach, and early detection, and treatment of breast cancer. DBCC’s programs reach diverse communities to deliver messages that address their unique concerns about breast cancer and early detection. All funds raised for DBCC support programs in Delaware and the neighboring areas in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Programs in Kent County reach Hispanic, African American, Haitian, uninsured, and underinsured women and men affected by breast cancer. We connect these populations and the general public to breast health education, financial support for screening, prosthesis, wigs, and resources for the newly diagnosed including beginning your breast cancer journey classes and peer mentors.

Mission: Gals That Give Delaware Charity

Gals that Gives’ mission is to cultivate local community non-profit organizations by connecting them with a larger network so they can continue to make an impact where we live and breathe every day.

There are five founders that lead the organization:
Kim Willson, Ruggerio & Willson
Erin Barrett, The Outlook at The Duncan Center
Christina Lessard, Lessard Builders
Stephanie Preece, George & Lynch
(and me!) Catrina Sharp, Lessard Builders