The Simple Guide to Winning Your Holiday Weekend in Down-east Delaware

So you’re about to navigate your way East for one final summer weekend at the Delaware beaches, eh?  

If you’re someone who’s already spent a holiday weekend or two in Rehoboth or Dewey, you likely already have your own plan of attack. Yet perhaps you haven’t, you’re new to the area, or you’re looking to take your weekend plans to the next level.

Where ever your Delaware beaches experience level lies, my goal here is simple; to provide you two suggestions that will help you maximize your Labor Day weekend. 


1.Be strategic– If you’re not familiar with the area, Rt. 1 is the main highway you may have drove in on. Do your best to avoid it. Want to go food shopping, stop at a liquor store, or grab some Chick-Fil-A? I recommend you do it on your drive into town. You can reasonably expect hour+ delays this weekend to drive just a few miles on Rt. 1 through the Lewes-Rehoboth-Dewey-Bethany Beach area. We all know sitting in traffic is not how we want to spend our holiday weekend. If you must drive somewhere, plan it out, look on your Maps app for alternate routes, and most importantly in my eyes- take advantage of the early morning calm. Trust me, those hours you “get back” that you can spend sitting in your adirondack chair as opposed to sitting in traffic will make the weekend feel so much longer and more relaxing. 


2.Maximize your time– One of the qualities about the Delaware beaches I’ve fallen most in love are the abundance of options packed into small geographical areas. You want to take your family to the beach, entertain them for a bit and grab dinner, you say? Or head out with friends for a little Sunday Funday and a nice dinner? Well, you could go to Rehoboth, and find the abundance of options on the avenue… or you could explore areas like downtown Lewes, Dewey or Bethany; all of which are equally good options for different reasons. My point, if you’re going to get in the car and embark on some activities this weekend, do five minutes of research and let’s help you squeeze the absolute most out of your days- without you having to give up your killer parking spot. 


Is there a better way to end your summer than being able to dig your toes in the sand, devour a cone of your favorite ice cream, sink a hole-in-one in mini golf, get your school shopping done, and then be just a short walk from dinner and two sizzling fresh crab cakes? Between Rehoboth, Bethany, Dewey and Lewes there are dozens and dozen of diverse eclectic restaurants, bars, breweries and activities going on this weekend! Check out all the goods going on in the area by visiting

Enjoy your weekend, your relaxation and your adventures off the beaten path! Happy Labor Day, friends!