Live Local Delaware: 5 Reasons

Keep It Local Delaware

Over the past few years, Delaware has been making headlines as one of the “best places to live” and “best places to retire” due to affordable property taxes, low income tax and reasonable travel time to Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C. While these are the most talked about features that bring visitors to our state, those that live or spend a little extra time here understand why people fall in love with Delaware’s small town charm. From the beaches Lewes and Rehoboth to the capital, downtown Dover and the northern towns of the state like Middletown, Greenville and Trolley Square, there are so many local shops, restaurants and events distinctive to Delaware. There is always an opportunity to catch a nearby event like peach festivals, brewery tours, wine tastings, music festivals, the infamous Apple Scrapple Festival and of course, the good ol’ Punkin Chunkin.

5 Reasons to Live Local Delaware

1. Preserve Small Town Character & History

Delaware has the small town feel and historical character that you see on postcards with brick buildings, authentic cedar shake exteriors, lighthouses, cobblestone roads and traditional farm houses. Local business owners are more willing to keep the historical factor of the area, striving to blend in artistically with the surrounding town compared to the bigger “box” stores looking to replicate their chain of nationwide stores.

2. Locals Give Back To The Community

According to NFIB research, more than 9 in 10 small businesses owners give back to community. Studies show that local non-profits receive substantial continued support from locally owned and operated businesses. Local business owners care about the community they live in and often serve on boards to support numerous causes and community interests.

3. What Goes Around Comes Around 

Money spent locally has 3 times the impact on a community than dollars spent in large chains or other places. The concept is fairly straightforward, if you shop at locally owned and operated businesses, your dollars provide for local families, schools, community events and non-profits.

4. Shop Local To Keep A Relevant Supply Of (Diverse) Products

I’ll never forget the day that I stopped into the nearest Delaware Wal-mart to grab Old Bay for a birthday crab feast we were hosting and they did not have it available.  This scenario is a prime example of how national stores tend to stock items based on regional or national numbers, not by local demand. Local stores tend to have a broader range of choices because they cater to the needs of local people. In most cases, they will even start carrying a new product per your request.

5. Mom & Pop Shops: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Who doesn’t love the “mom and pop shop” in their town? They add a level of character and friendly service exclusive to their town and community. Local business owners view their work as an extension of themselves and bring an extra level of care to what they do. They get to know who you are and if there is a question or concern, you are only a few people away from the decision makers. You won’t have to submit a claim, complain on social media or call a 1 800 number repeatedly to receive service.


These are just few of the many benefits that come with supporting the area we live in. Do you try to “keep it local”? What would you add to this list? 


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Don’t forget to support the local small businesses who support the area where you live – Live Local Delaware!