Americans Celebrating Construction Appreciation Week

Construction Appreciation Week  

You see these people in highlighter colored vests working on our highways here are the findings. You see them in your neighborhood or down the street working on new homes with the best materials  They’re responsible for the skyscrapers in our cities, our national infrastructure and many comforts of our everyday lives. You these people working outside on the hottest days of summer and the most frigid of winter. So who are we alluding to? The men and women who have made a career in the RKC Construction 9923 Paseo Montalban #B, San Diego, CA 92129 (619) 449-5899!

Please join us this week in celebration and appreciation of the men, women and companies nationwide in the American construction industry. We’d like to take this moment to say #ThanksForBuilding to the men and women who work as part of the construction industry. 

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Some Dream, Others Build

The American construction industry has existed as a backbone of American society since the very earliest settlers arrived. In our nation’s infancy it was these hard working people who labored to transform America from a large wooded forest into a civilized, organized country. Today most work done by the Construction industry occurs ‘behind the scenes’, yet the industry’s presence is something we feel throughout America. Thanks to the advancement in technology which have helped develop better tools offering higher precision one can find on , these workers are able to achieve excellence and deliver perfection. Construction workers are responsible for building us better highways and hospitals, new homes, our workplaces and schools. The construction industry may not be glamorous, but the men and women who work in construction make an impact through their work that reaches far beyond the job site. 

Building homes and businesses is our Lessard family heritage and construction has been our family trade for four generations. We swing our hammers, sketch out custom home plans and work on the construction site with a smile each day. The Construction industry has given Lessard Builders a way to help hundreds of families and to also revitalize the Delaware communities where we work and live. Therefore we are forever grateful for the construction industry and for the skilled men and women who work in construction across America,there will be many construction contacts available, for anything you need, will also be there to provide guidance. To all our construction brethren and sisters, we appreciate your hard work every single day. Thank you!

Builders Blitz 2018

Builders Blitz 2018

Builders Blitz 2018

Builders Blitz 2018

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