How We Named Our East Coast Series Floor Plans

One of the more common questions we hear as people tour our model home in Showfield for the first time, is, “Why did you name your model home The Saltaire?” We love the question, because at Lessard Builders, the names of our model home and our home floor plans have great meaning to us. Today, we want to share the story behind that meaning and how we chose the names for our East Coast Series floor plans! We hope you enjoy!

The Past Meets The Present

The story behind our newest floor plan’s names begins generations ago, when Dan Lessard founded our family building business in Long Island, NY. For Dan, every job and every decision revolved around two things: heritage and family. Dan strove to build structures that were above-the-cut exceptionally well built, so a family or business would be proud to reside there for decades. When Dan had a family and had an ongoing new home construction in Naples FL, he passed those values down to his son Addie. When Addie had his children, he also made sure they understood the family’s heritage and reputation for unbeatable quality. Eventually Addie relocated his family to Delaware and shortly after his son Brian took over the family business. Brian followed right in his fathers’ and grandfathers’ footsteps, and just as it had always been, he ensured the core Lessard Builders values of heritage, family and exceptional quality never wavered.

Now let’s jump to the heart of this story: the naming of our new custom home series and floor plan designs in late 2016. Our Lessard team and architects had just finished designing twelve new home floor plans and we needed to find twelve names that fit the new plans and series! We were determined to choose names that had meaning to Lessard Builders and that conveyed the luxury and diversity of each new floor plan. Yet no matter where we looked for name inspiration nothing felt right. The more we searched, the more we found ourselves overwhelmingly pulled by two familiar forces: our heritage and our family. We took that cue and began focusing our search for inspiration in the area it all started for Lessard Builders, Long Island, NY.


Lessard Long Island Heritage

As soon as we began discussing the names of Long Island towns and villages “out East” everything began falling into place. Eastern Long Island was where our Lessard Builders history had started, where Brian and his family and siblings grew up, and where they learned how to build homes. After some soul searching we decided to name our newest Lessard Builders line of custom home floor plans after our Long Island heritage. We compiled a huge list of towns out East with a special respect for the villages, towns, and cities the Lessard family had worked, lived or played in. One-by-one our floor plans were named after beautiful Long Island villages, towns and cities like Greenport, South Hampton, and Saltaire!

The Lessard Builders East Coast Series was born!

Lessard News from Earlier This Week

On Monday we released The Riverhead, our thirteenth and newest Lessard Builders East Coast Series custom home floor plan! Meeting the demands of today requires a home that’s designed around your family and your family’s unique lifestyle, so The Riverhead like all Lessard East Coast Series floor plans is 100% fully customizable! With Lessard Builders every home, every wall, every room’s shape and dimensions can be tweaked or fully changed to meet your needs. For more information about The Riverhead or any of our twelve other home floor plans, visit our East Coast Series page, our Design Your Dream Lessard Home app,  connect with us on Facebook, or contact us at 302-698-1091 or 302-645-7444. If you can dream it, we can build it!