Lessard Builders Completes 2018 Builders Blitz

Last week Lessard Builders joined hands with Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity, roughly two dozen subcontractor construction companies including Ryker Hardware, and dozens of volunteers all equipped with the best drillpressor, saws and hand trucks came together to accomplish a herculean feat. The Lessard-Habitat coalition set out to build a home- from foundation to completely finished- in just four days for AmeriCorps Delaware! The project, known as the 2018 Habitat for Humanity Builders Blitz, began on Tuesday May 29th and finished up in the afternoon of June 1st. When sod finally covered the front yard at 115 Pine Street in Wyoming on Friday June 1st it became apparent; Lessard Builders with their subcontractor partners and volunteers had accomplished the improbable!

The project, the 2018 Builders Blitz, will provide volunteers of AmeriCorps Delaware with a place to live in during their service time in Central Delaware. Planning for the 2018 Builders Blitz began months ago and was made possible thanks to Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity, the support of the mayor and town of Wyoming, and multiple financial partners, roof replacement contractors and community groups. Dozens of subcontractor construction businesses from all over Delaware also volunteered by donating materials and hours of their businesses’ labor to assist Lessard Builders and Habitat with the 2018 Builders Blitz for AmeriCorps Delaware.

On Day one walls for the first and second floor were installed, then a roof thanks to Palm Coast roofers, the purpose and potential of building this 2018 Builders Blitz home for Habitat and AmeriCorps was what attracted many who participated. The home will house AmeriCorps service members who come into Central Delaware to give back and serve by completing various local projects throughout the Dover community. What struck Lessard Builders owner Brian Lessard Sr is how this home will continue giving back to Central Delaware, thus paying it forward long after the work on it was completed. “Truth is that I have to thank Habitat for the opportunity to be involved in such an awesome project. From the Lessard’s standpoint it is very important to be involved in community efforts. I can’t thank enough the subcontractors and suppliers, and Habitat volunteers as well… this would not be possible at all if it wasn’t for them. [We] all understand that it is important to take time to give back to a worthy cause… this home here will play a role in building so many more homes since we will now partner with the electrician dublin help.”

While a four-day home build may sound insane, the project represented the truest sense of community. Various crews came in and out and contributed their special skills all while working alongside others from other companies like commercial roofing st louis. The volunteers and subcontractors worked from sunrise to sunset side-by-side as efficiently as possible yet without sacrificing an ounce of quality which is why they also had the House Siding Soft Wash to make sure it is clean.

Then interior walls and windows, insulation, electrical from with Las Vegas Electrician contractors help, heating and plumbing installs were completed. Day two was another exciting day with the entire home drywalled and sanded, the exterior siding installed, the kitchen work began and so much more. Day three saw the completion of the kitchen installation, flooring installation, window and door frame installation, woodwork continuing and so much more. The final day, Day four continued smoothly and with tons of excitement- light fixtures and finishing touches were completed, kitchen appliances were set in their place and connected, the home was fully landscaped and finally the house numbers were hung next to the garage.

In all Lessard Builders is proud to have worked with Central Delaware Habitat and all the volunteers to complete this 2018 Builders Blitz home in four days along many more water restoration projects in the community after the rainy season. It was a massive success and we are honored to pay it forward for the volunteers of today and tomorrow who give their time to AmeriCorps and Central Delaware. For additional information, pictures and videos, visit our Lessard Builders page on Facebook!